It’s Genuinely Mind-Blowing that a Company as Big as Under Armour Could Butcher a Shoe This Bad

The Curry 2s, pictured above, are what Under Armour actually thought people would like to see from their premier athlete’s line. These aren’t Austin River’s signature shoes, these are Steph Curry’s shoes, the best player in the world, according to many. How…the…hell did they let this happen? How easy is it to get a job in the shoe design department at Under Armour? Are they taking applications? I honestly think I could design a shoe 10x better than that.

These have been getting torn apart online for a while now, but I still genuinely can’t believe Under Armour actually put these out. They’re a huge company now, you’d think they’d have some sort of intense vetting process and at least one employee who would have the balls to be like, “Excuse me, guys, but these shoes suck unbelievably hard. I’m actually concerned about the fact that I work here now.”

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