Under Armour
unveiled Yale’s new football uniform design on Thursday afternoon, part of a new deal under which the company will provide uniforms for the University’s 35 varsity teams.

The new uniform is largely similar to the previous design, featuring a navy jersey with a white v-neck lining, and white trousers with double navy stripes running down the side. The helmet, also much like its former design, is entirely white except for two navy stripes running down its middle. The word “Yale” is now written across the front of the jersey and a “Y” on the upper-left side of the trousers. The new gloves are navy, a departure from the mostly white design of previous years.
And, of course, the Under Armour symbol that has replaced the Nike one.
The most striking change comes in the footwear. The Bulldogs’ new cleats are shiny silver, with bright sparkles all over — a significant change from the former navy and white ones.
“My first reaction when I saw the pictures was how awesome of a job they do presenting the Yale Football tradition by keeping it both simple and modern, yet classy,” kicker and punter Sam Tuckerman ’20 said. “I know a lot of the guys are pretty pumped to have them revealed on such a big stage with some pretty powerhouse football schools as well.”
Defensive back Robert Ries ’17 said Under Armour did a great job keeping the classic Yale look that has defined the team for 144 years, while adding in “some modern flare.”
Shortly after the deal was announced in January, Yale Intercollegiate Equipment Operations Lead Assistant Jeffrey Torre said that though the designs would have “noticeable differences,” they would not significantly change because Yale is an “ultra-traditional” school.
The big unveiling took place at an Under Armour event in New York City celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary. In addition to the Yale uniform, Under Armour also revealed the new designs for Notre Dame and Wisconsin, two other schools Under Armour signed deals with in 2014 and 2015, respectively.
Yale’s deal is reportedly valued at $16.5 million across a 10-year span. The football uniform is the first to be officially released to the public. Plans for unveiling the other uniforms have not yet been released.

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